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CreditCard - the solution for international payments

The credit card is the payment means that has been used the longest on the internet. The high customer acceptance and its international availability speaks for the creditcard.
With micropayment™ the integration of credit card payment into your web presences couldn't be simpler!

Fast and secure: the process of an order
The process is very quick, easy and transparent. As soon as your customer has entered his credit card data, it is checked and verified. The customer will then only receive access to your content if the system has released and approved his data.

All customer data are encrypted with SSL and sent separately to our points of acceptance. Additional algorithms make sure the credit card information is correct. Constantly updated blacklists and comparison of different credit card companies minimize any possible abuse.

CreditCard - Paymentwindow

Adjust all payment windows individually for your web presence using our Payment Generator. Amongst our essential features you can select among 4 styles whose background colour can be selected at will.

Payment window / Unified solution for all payment CheckPayment process completeHtml email confirmationReceipt in the mail HtmlOptional: SecureSMSYour own graphicBackground graphic for X1 series

<h4>Instantly up and running on the web</h4>

Instantly up and running on the web

Our payment systems are ready-made web solutions, making integration as easy as it can be. You can use our ready-made payment windows as an iFrame, pop-up or direct link. Our payment generator creates the complete payment URL for you in just a couple of clicks.

<h4>Customized and flexible API solutions</h4>

Customized and flexible API solutions

You can also access this payment method using our API interfaces. The programming of our interfaces gives you unbelievable freedom. Create your own design or use our payment systems as a subscription solution. Further information is available in our TechDoc Center.

<h4>Invoicing in foreign currencies</h4>

Invoicing in foreign currencies

Apart from the Euro, the micropayment credit card system also accepts US dollars (USD), British pounds (GBP) and Swiss francs (CHF). Your customers are debited directly/natively in the respective foreign currency. You as the trader receive the payment in Euros as usual. A separate credit card acceptance agreement must be concluded for each currency supported.
Should you not wish a new credit card acceptance agreement, micropayment™ also offers a conversion mode. For this, the micropayment™ credit card system converts the requested price at the current exchange rate. There are further details in your control centre.

You can choose and configure
You can choose and configure Paymentwindow once you've logged in to the ControlCenter.

Die Kreditkarte wird in diesen Varianten angeboten:

The "Event" module allows you to strictly separate purchase and delivery. After the customer successfully completes the payment process, we send the result to your server. Then you can initiate all the events. Activations, account credits and linking can be taken care of quickly and directly.
How does the "Event" module work? Download the quick guide

The "File" module allows you to effortlessly sell individual files. We take care of billing and securely deliver the content for you. Our content delivery systems are secure and patented with the European Patent Office. Whether you want to sell PDFs, MP3s, images or compressed files - the "File" module is the simplest and fastest solution.


Customized and flexible API solutions

You can also access this payment method using our API interfaces. The programming of our interfaces gives you unbelievable freedom. Create your own design or use our payment systems as a subscription solution. Further information is available in our TechDoc Center.

Using CreditCard - Subs you can bill membership fees quickly and easily. Your end customers once place an order, which is prolonged in randomly set up periods. All access data for your member area is then sent to your customers by email.
Guest access or temporary access can be set up using this option as well.

membership minimum term:
This option is specially designed for special offers. You might want to offer your customers special terms or conditions for example, which might turn out to be advantageous for both partners.

CreditCard - Icons and Logos

We offer our partners an extensive selection of logos and icons to help them integrate micropayment™ payment systems.

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Micropayment Kreditkarte American ExpressMicropayment KreditkarteMicropayment Kreditkarte Visa Mastercard amex

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Micropayment Kreditkarten ZahlungssystemeMicropayment Kreditkarte API-LösungenMicropayment KreditkartensystemMicropayment Zahlungsart Kreditkarte

Conditions you can count on

Please find an overview of our current conditions below.
We don't charge installation or basic fees with our partners. A secure and timely payout is our top priority.

* standard conditions. For individual offers please contact our sales consultants

CreditCard - Bank charges
product feemonthly19,95 €
setup feeunique129,95 €
Document requestper request15,00 €
chargeback fees for transactions > 25,00 € 2)---35,00 €
Online 3D Secure System 3)inclusive- €
API-Interfaces (optional)inclusive- €

A chargeback is the return of funds to a consumer, forcibly initiated by the consumer's issuing bank.

1) Disagio is a proportional fee for the use of the payment method Credit Card
3) The 3D Secure System can be used only in combination with the micropayment™ payment pages. Transactions via credit card API can’t be settled via 3D Secure. These transactions will settled without 3D Secure. Information about 3D Secure.

* All prices are net prices.