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The Controlcenter - Variety of possibilities

The ControlCenter is a web based user interface which we offer all our partners after a successful registration. You can log in to our website anytime, using your username and password. In case you forgot your password we can send it you quickly by email. Please use the function "Forgot password" for this purpose.

All possibilities at a glance
The Micropayment ControlCenter offers you detailed and intuitive project and account management. The ControlCenter considers itself as an interface between your products and our payment methods and is continually expanded and optimized.

Our ControlCenter features the following options:

  • Creation of new projects
  • Configuration and adjustment of our payment systems
  • Customer and bank information management
  • Analysis and control of your turnovers using Realtimeâ„¢ statistics
  • Campaign evaluation and management
  • Credit note management using PDF formats
  • Professional campaign management to differentiate your turnovers
Controlcenter screenshots

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Configuration on demand
configure & activate new payment modules and integrate them quickly into current projects. The configuration possibilities are various and cover almost all payment method option modalities. Please contact our technically adept team if you have any questions regarding the implementation, it is at your side anytime if you require help.

Statistics & Analyses
Analyse and evaluate all transactions, turnovers and profits in an extensive Realtimeâ„¢ statistic. Next to professional diagram evaluations you can receive possible forecasts of your turnovers. We furthermore offer all your transactions as .CSV file to edit them in spreadsheets (e.g.: Microsoft Excelâ„¢ or OpenOfficeâ„¢).

Invoices & Credit notes offers all credit notes as PDF download. You can therefore download even past credit notes, to maybe forward them to your tax accountant's office.
Credit notes sent to you by mail on request.