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Maintenance on 02/25/2021 from 7:00 am to 9:00 am. This can lead to severe restrictions and failures in our services.

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mobile payment - intuitive and responsive

high conversion payment solutions optimized for all devices

Accept payments from any device

mobile optimized payment solutions

The minimal design maximizes usability.

Have you ever paid with your smartphone?

The use of smartphones and tablets for surfing or online shopping is steadily increasing and has become indispensable, as current figures show. Internet usage in 2017 was 75% worldwide via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. In 2018, the share will grow to at least 79% and continue the trend of the mobile Internet.

Success factors for more mobile payment usage

It is obvious that it is increasingly important to offer the greatest possible usability and, above all, data security and to enable the user to make the best possible use of the website without detouring. Especially in mobile commerce (MC or m-commerce), means when buying via smartphone or tablet, the usability is becoming increasingly relevant. This also includes the use of Near Field Communication (NFC) or special apps that require direct payment in e.g. Supermarket or fashion store, so a POS (point of sale) allow.

Payment platform for everyone

Universally applicable for your products

Mobile Payment means that anytime and anywhere a purchase can be made, e.g. with a smartphone. The main focus of the user is on the usability of the visited websites. To make this usability the best possible, responsive design is used. This design follows the way of an always optimized view on every device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop PC). This increases the length of stay of a user and minimizes the buy-out rate. This is how a visitor becomes a satisfied buyer.

As mobile device optimization such as smartphones or tablets help improve usability, Google has made mobile friendliness a ranking factor important to the prominence of a website.

payment at a point of sale, e.g. in supermarketes

at a Point of Sale (POS) e.g. in supermarkets
online payment at a ATM

at ATMs
payment on mobile websites

on mobile Websites
payment in a smartphone app with integrated payment function

in a smartphone-app with integrated payment function

This is how it's done

Mobile integration or APP integration

The mobile payment integration is possible via WebView / UIWebView. Even companies that implement their mobile web shop with Shopgate, have the opportunity to use the solutions of Micropayment, as these can be displayed and applied directly from the app via WebView (Android) and UIWebView (Apple).

payment integration for mobile or app
Micropayment offers you the following advantages:

  • low integration effort
  • minimal overhead on PCI DSS compliance
  • fully customizable in your own look & feel (white label)
  • increased usability for your customers
  • processing recurring payments / follow-up orders without re-requesting the customer's payment data (alias / token)
  • available for all major credit card brands and direct debits
  • high security standards: no storage of credit card data on mobile devices

In addition to the responsive payment windows, there is also the option of integrating the payment methods credit card, SEPA direct debit and prepayment into the mobile website using the API as well as the innovative token solution. This means a direct and seamless integration into the content of the website and transfers the trust placed in the website directly into the payment process. In addition, a direct integration into the ordering process increases the conversion and thus the turnover of a webshop.

The advantages for you are:
  • customers stay on your mobile website throughout the checkout process
  • seamless integration of different mobile checkout scenarios
  • fully customizable in your own look & feel (white label)
  • significantly less effort to comply with the PCI DSS guidelines, as no sensitive payment data is stored
  • available for all major credit card brands and direct debits
  • cross-selling and up-selling within your mobile checkout solution possible (alias/token)
  • supports 3D Secure/Cardholder-Authentication
This means for you as a merchant:
  • increase: customer satisfaction
  • increase: conversion
  • more trust
  • less buy-outs
  • more sales
  • App Integration via
    WebView and UIWebView

Mobile payment checkout

Use the mobile-optimized payment windows from Micropayment!

For a quick deployment, Micropayment offers you instant payment windows for the payment methods credit card, SEPA direct debit, prepayment, instant bank transfer, mobilePay, Call2Pay, paysafecard, PayPal and Paydirekt, which can be configured with just a few clicks and integrated into any project. The mobile payment design enables the optimal display on all devices at any time as well as the processing of payment flows in apps for Android, iOS or Windows mobile via WebView / UIWebView.