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Maintenance on 02/25/2021 from 7:00 am to 9:00 am. This can lead to severe restrictions and failures in our services.

Maintenance work on February 25th, 2021 from 7:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.

Email betrug

Payment glossary

Please note: This payment glossary exists only in the German language.

Is Micropayment Email Fraud?

In the name of micropayment fake reminders were sent in the past. Be careful because these reminders contain a dangerous virus! The micropayment GmbH is not the sender of such mails, but the company name was abused by fraudsters who want to get to your data. Here you will find more information.

Did you receive an email from Micropayment that links you to a fraudulent background? Let's take a look at this email together. Call us directly or forward the received e-mail to us. Our e-mail addresses and telephone numbers can be found on our contact page.

What emails does Micropayment sent?

As a payment service provider, Micropayment is responsible for the technical implementation of a payment in various online shops. Micropayment takes on this task for its partners in up to nine payment methods.

For most payment methods, you will receive confirmation of your successful payment by e-mail. In this e-mail, we never ask you for data, but merely give you an overview of the payment details and transaction details provided.

You will always receive a payment confirmation from Micropayment from the sender "".

How do I recognize a fraudulent e-mail?

Is personal data requested in the e-mail? Does the email contain an attachment that you cannot assign? Does the e-mail not come from “”? Are you asked in the email to log in or log in to a third-party website?

Answering one of these questions with "Yes" may be an indication of fraud. Micropayment expressly dissociates itself from fraudulent activities and assists you in clarifying your questions. Our e-mail addresses and telephone numbers can be found on our contact page.