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Attention! There are currently mails in circulation, supposedly from Google, which state our mail domain as the sender. Please do not open the links in these mails under any circumstances! Please use the possibility to report these mails as phishing in your Gmail account. Thank you for your cooperation!

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payment methods


The online payment method of banks and savings banks. With giropay you address all the customers, who want to use a safe and simple payment method.

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Safe as your bank.

your giropay solution

giropay is the new online payment method of German banks with more than 50 million online current accounts. The main focus of giropay is the proven current account, over which the entire transaction is made.

Settlement via the current account enables a fast and secure payment process for the customer. For you, this also means an immediate payment guarantee with the proven security standards of German banks.

All Micropayment merchants can offer this new payment service to their customers now. The prerequisite is the management of a business bank account at one of the participating banks. We are happy to advise you.

  • more safety in online trading

  • payment guarantee through the bank of the customer

  • guaranteed buyer identification and age verification

giropayt merchant concentrator since 2017
simpliefied merchant connection

Micropayment has been a giropay merchant concentrator since 2017

Sales in e-commerce are increasing as is the desire for secure online payment.

Micropayment is your payment service provider and merchant concentrator for giropay.The merchant concentrator is responsible for charging the merchants and owes the negotiated transaction fees to the buyers' bank.

Benefit from the strength of Micropayment as a "full-service payment service provider" and use all payment methods from a single source!

10 good reasons for cooperation

Use giropay via Micropayment!

Safe as your current account.


Respecting the anonymity of buyers

transaction security

high transaction security through settlement via banks

buyer protection

buyer protection for non-delivery

payment via giropay

payment via the customer´s bank account

giropayt merchant concentrator since 2017

After the customer has decided for an article in your webshop, he selects giropay as a payment method. With a few clicks, the goods are paid. After authorization of the payment amount by the bank of the buyer, you will receive a payment confirmation and can ship the goods immediately. For the security of your customers giropay asks for selected transactions in some cases in addition to the access data and a TAN to confirm the purchase.

Your benefits as a Micropayment partner

One contract, one price!

giropay offers another way to easily and securely participate in the online payment process of German banks and savings bank with the new merchant concentrator model. Use Micropayment as a merchant concentrator and save yourself tedious, individual contract and fee negotiations with each individual customer bank! As a merchant concentrator, Micropayment creates one fee offer for all banks quickly and easily from one source.

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easy activation of giropay

pay online safety

With giropay, your customers' data is encrypted with the same security standards as online banking. giropay complies with the strictest German data protection and data security regulations, which are considered to be the most stringent in the world. For example, giropay and the participating banks do not pass on or sell cart information to third parties.

The direct connection to the bank account of the end customer allows an automatic transmission of payments and a payment guarantee. This protects you against payment defaults and time-consuming payment processing.

giropay has made it a policy to not interfere in the transaction between merchant and customer. Only if your customer wants to take advantage of the giropay buyer protection, giropay will request a shipping receipt for the rejected goods shipment.

directly paid

How giropay via Micropayment works:

After authorization by the bank of the buyer, you as a seller receive a confirmation of payment and can ship the goods immediately.

  • buyer


    chooses giropay as payment method in the merchant's webshop after deciding on an article.

  • webshop


    merchant initiates payment process and submits the transaction data to Micropayment

  • Micropayment and giropay


    provides payment transaction processing data and sends it to the merchant and the buyer bank

  • webshop


    buyer logs in to giropay and confirms the displayed payment with his access data and a TAN

Payment plugins for your shop

giropay - Simply integrate and pay.

You already have a shop software in use and would like to integrate further payment systems? We offer you a fast and comfortable solution with our ready-to-use payment modules.

Overview of the shop plugins


Discover our diversity!

Online payment made easy, quickly integrated and ready for use - ready-to-use payment windows and preconfigured shop plugins allow immediate action In addition, Micropayment also offers white label APIs and interfaces for integration into numerous existing systems.

With our API solutions, you adjust your incoming payments exactly as you wish

Register as a partner and benefit from our experience and solutions. Our products are constantly evolving and optimized to provide the best possible efficiency.

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    you individual payment

    Our payment systems are offered as ready-made web solutions. The integration of Micropayment payment systems ist therefore really easy.

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    This payment method can also be accessed via our
    API interfaces. The connection to our interfaces results in unimagined freedoms.

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    pay securely on the net

    Micropayment actively protects merchants against fraud and fake bookings. Depending on the payment method and service, appropriate security modules are used or optionally offered.

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    possible industries

    PAYMENT SERVICE FOR YOUR INDUSTRY - as individual as your customers.

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    PCI: DSS certified

    The IT infrastructure and the complete application level of Micropayment has been certified according to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI: DSS) Level 1.

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  • upjers - Klaus Schmitt
    Micropayment: upjers
    upjers GmbH & Co KG

    Klaus Schmitt

    managing Director

    "With Micropayment we can offer many different payment types
    through a single interface, and what´s more, it´s easy to use." [ read interview ]

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  • Entsorgung Punkt DE GmbH - Marcus Seidel
    Micropayment: entsorgung
    Entsorgung Punkt DE GmbH

    Marcus Seidel

    managing Director

    "As a reliable business partner, Micropayment helps to offer our services safely,
    allows an individual integration into our online shop and supports always our controlling." [ read interview ]

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  • Internetdienste GmbH - Benjamin Akilli
    Micropayment: Internetdienste GmbH Internetdienste GmbH

    Benjamin Akilli

    VP Sales

    "We are very glad that we always have a personal, competent contact at Micropayment which
    we can contact if we need specific feedback on individual transactions." [ read interview ]

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  • tierschutz-shop - Marco Wibben
    Micropayment: tierschutz-shop
    VETO Tierschutz

    Marco Wibben

    Logistics, Finance & IT

    "Micropayment guarantees that the entire payment process is processed securely in our donors´ interests. [ read interview ]

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  • lebenszahlen - Arndt Aschenbeck
    Micropayment: lebenszahlen

    Arndt Aschenbeck

    managing Director

    "Micropayment has been helping me to process my online payments quickly and reliably since 2008.
    During this time, I have been given assistance with technical and organisational issues by the same contact person." [ read interview ]

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Hello, how can we help you?
individual advice

Are you interested in this payment method?

We can support you in the following points with a strategic partnership:

  • market-oriented realization of new products & projects
  • building strategic cooperation communities
  • planning, coordination and optimization of payment transactions
  • analysis and forecast of the current target market
  • figuration of your products in international markets

We would like to help you.

Best possible advice is our mission. We support you in the realization and marketing of your productse. Please call:

(00800) 3000 22 55

free of charge from German landline

Integration made easy.

Do you have questions about our payment methods or about the use of our systems? Please contact us by e-mail. We will reply as soon as possible.

Merchants & shop owners

Conditions and prices

Your conditions depend on the line of business of the product or the service, the transaction volume and the average amount of the payment. With this information, our sales team is able to find the right condition model for your project. Contact us for your personal offer.

We are looking forward to your contact.

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Micropayment explains briefly
opens up access to new customer groups

giropay is used throughout Germany and is a popular means of payment. giropay can be used for the entire range of online distributable products - from digital goods to e-commerce. By setting up a giropay account, you can accept payments throughout Germany or send them yourself.

Bank customers tend to be very loyal to their financial institutions, but they are also used to the convenience of an online payment method - giropay ideally meets these two needs.

Micropayment Logo
Micropayment explains briefly
Advantage of easy and secure integration through merchant concentrator Micropayment
A merchant concentrator handles the implementation and integration of various processes, services or even software. The merchant concentrator makes the integration of giropay easier and faster. With the connection to a merchant concentrator, the enormous effort to negotiate individual contract and fees with all the individual customer banks is easily eliminated. The online merchant has one central contact for fee negotiations, payroll accounting, contracts and the technical connection. Improved communication between customers, merchant and banks is also an essential part of the benefits of connecting to a merchant concentrator.