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Randshop payment plugin for your online shop

free shop plugin for the Randshop system

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Compatible with
ab 2.3.x
producer / support
Die Randgruppe GmbH
supported languages

Applicable payment method for this Shop Version:

CreditCardCreditCardOnline bank transfer.Direct debit

Downloads randshop

Randshop - shopsystem

made in germany

The shop system Randshop is a free shop system, which is developed by the company Die Randgruppe GmbH. 10 years of development have been invested in this free shop system to date to equip it with a variety of features and extra modules and to develop after extensive testing an easy-to-use operation for the end user, which allows, even without lengthy training period to administrate the shop system.

The randshop hop plugin interface

CreditCard • Online bank transfer. • SEPA Debit

Micropayment is integrated directly into Randshop, so you can quickly, easily and securely activate payments via credit card, Sofort and SEPA direct debit in your shop checkout.
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