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Payment modules for your online shop

the simple connection to your shop system

shop plugins

From recurring payments through a seamless integration of payment methods in your checkout to quick shopping for regular customers in your shop - the new Micropayment payment plugins are the fuel for your successful WebShop! All payment plugins are free and offer full flexibility for optimal payment processing in just one extension. From the SEPA direct debit or prepayment via bank transfer via credit card payment to online bank transfer, all payment methods can be easily and quickly configured.

The focus is on easy integration, the optimal embedment of payment methods and the realization of a one-click payment with payment methods credit card and SEPA direct debit for existing customers. In addition, the plugins are compatible with all extensions for implementing recurring payments as well as one-page checkout. Plus you can use the following features with the Micropayment shop modules via the administration area of your shop:

  • payment methods
  •   configuration of all payment methods
  •   optimized checkout
  •   subscription extension 1) 2)
  • customer-friendly
  •   One-Click-Payment 1) 2)
  •   One-Page-Checkout 1) 2)
  •   including refunds
  • features
  •   recurring payments 1) 2)
  •   status management
  •   PCI:DSS compliant
1) available for woocommerce
2) in development for Magento

Which shop do you use?

Diverse payment methods for your online shop

Do you already have shop software in use and would like to integrate other payment systems? Our ready-to-use payment modules offer a fast and convenient solution.


Magento Shop



shopware 6

shopware 6

shopware 5

shopware 5


Oxid eSales








APT Shop

Wordpress Plugin

Wordpress Plugin


Xonic Solutions



Atrox Development payment plugin

Atrox Development

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Payment modules in development for your online store

  • giropay,

Offer a simplified checkout to your customers.

You also want to transport your brand design in your payment process?
No problem and no effort with the Micropayment shop plugins!

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We don't yet offer any payment methods for your shop software?
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