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CreditCard - the solution for international payments

  • Mastercard, Visa and Amex
  • High customer acceptance
  • 3D SecureCode 3) and 256 bit SSL
  • Fast web integration
  • Excellent conditions


Direct debit - the eCommerce's classic payment method

  • NEW Realtime account check
  • Optional telephone authorization
  • Address and account check in advance
  • Easy integration
  • Blacklists, fraud protection, SSL encryption


Online bank transfer. - the quick and effective solution for any type of amount

  • payment guarantee
  • Bank-independent
  • No customer registration
  • Fees as low as 1% of transaction cost
  • € 0.00 fee


The most intelligent prepayment system ever.

  • Fully automatic, fast and cost-effective
  • Optional: daily availability
  • Payment without cancellation charges
  • Can be used in 23 Euro countries
  • 30 days free trial


Call2Pay - the easy way to pay online

  • Anonymous and quick payment
  • Fixed lines and mobile phones
  • International solution
  • Billing exact to the penny
  • NEW MultiCall up to 50€


MobilePay - quick & mobile payment

  • NEW Switzerland and Austria
  • all mobile phone service providers
  • Simple payment
  • Fast and anonymous
  • Bill up to 29,99€ per transaction


paysafecard - online payments for everyone

  • 500.000 sales outlets worldwide
  • 100% funds guaranteed
  • Used by young shoppers & gamers
  • 8 million customers


PayPal - together it`s getting really good

  • new customer groups
  • Buyer / seller protection
  • Available worldwide
  • optimized checkout

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