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Payment interview GameDuell GmbH

Diverse payment options

"The solutions offered by Micropayment as a payment service provider are ideal for us,
since this cooperation allows us to offer a diverse range of payment options preferred by our customers.

GameDuell GmbH
GameDuell GmbH | Falco Kübler

Falco Kübler
Payment Manager

company presentation GameDuell GmbH

The Berlin company offers around 70 online games on its own platform, social networks and mobile devices. GameDuell has over 130 million registered users worldwide. The portfolio includes the games "Fluffy", "Maya Pyramid", "Bubble Speed" and "Jungle Jewels". Players can compete against each other in online game duels or tournaments.

GameDuell GmbH
Taubenstraße 24-25 | 10117 Berlin

GameDuell GmbH
What are your needs for online payment systems?
GameDuell GmbH | Falco Kübler
The most important requirements for an online payment system for us are the transparency of the transactions, diverse payment options and constant availability for any inquiries.
GameDuell GmbH | Falco Kübler
What does your company offer its customer and what makes you and your services special?
GameDuell GmbH | Falco Kübler
GameDuell is one of the largest providers of web, social and mobile games in the western world. We offer our players a diverse portfolio of over 70 entertaining casual games. Many online implementations of classic games such as skat, solitaire and pool billiards are developed in-house by our team. In addition to our own community platform, we offer our most popular games in social networks and on mobile devices. On the basis of our self-developed cross-platform technology, our players can use their favorite games on a stationary computer as well as mobile on their smartphone or tablet and play with each other across platforms.
GameDuell GmbH | Falco Kübler
How is Micropayment supporting you in your daily business?
GameDuell GmbH | Falco Kübler
We want to offer our players as many payment options as possible. The solutions from micropayment as a payment service provider are ideal for us, as the cooperation enables us to offer various payment options that are preferred by our customers.
GameDuell GmbH | Falco Kübler

GameDuell GmbH uses the following Micropayment payment methods

  • Micropayment - CreditCard


    • Average amount over 80 EUR
    • transactions from 150 countries
    • more than 1.000 established credit card terminals
    learn more
  • Micropayment - SEPA Debit

    SEPA Debit

    • professional mandate management
    • available in 34 countries
    • 70 million reachable customers in Germany
    learn more
  • Micropayment - Online bank transfer.

    Online bank transfer.

    • 35.000 merchants
    • more than 3.000.000 tansactions per month
    • more than 20.000.000 users
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15,000 merchants already use Micropayment payment systems!

15,000 merchants already use Micropayment payment systems!

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