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Payment interview Aboalarm GmbH

Direct debit and HandyPay transactions

"Micropayment processes debit and mobile phone payment transactions,
proving itself very reliable - regardless of the transaction volume."

Aboalarm GmbH
Aboalarm GmbH | Dr. B. Storm van´s Gravesande

Dr. B. Storm van´s Gravesande
Founder and CEO

company presentation Aboalarm GmbH

With aboalarm, consumers can terminate, revoke and manage their contracts quickly, easily and legally, from mobile communications and the Internet to the gym, online dating or car insurance. In the case of cancellations via aboalarm, the consumer portal grants a cancellation guarantee for the majority of providers, which, for example, covers legal costs in the event of a dispute.

Since it was founded in 2008 by Dr. Bernd Storm van’s Gravesande and Stefan Neubig have already sent aboalarm over 4 million successful cancellations. Over 10 million complete letters of cancellation were also created, downloaded and sent by users themselves.

Aboalarm GmbH
Corneliusstraße 10 | 80469 München

Aboalarm GmbH
What are your needs for online payment systems?
Aboalarm GmbH | Dr. B. Storm van´s Gravesande
Above all, an online payment system must offer security. In addition, we pay attention to a quick setup and a simple accounting process. Another plus point is good support so that questions and problems can be resolved quickly and in a targeted manner.
Aboalarm GmbH | Dr. B. Storm van´s Gravesande
What does your company offer its customer and what makes you and your services special?
Aboalarm GmbH | Dr. B. Storm van´s Gravesande
Our customers can terminate and revoke contracts via our web service or our apps. We offer termination letters from over 20,000 providers in various categories, from cell phone contracts to car insurance. Our service is primarily characterized by security and customer orientation. The letters and the dispatch have been checked by a lawyer and the customer will then receive proof of dispatch with which he can prove the timely termination in the event of problems. In addition, our cancellation guarantee applies to most providers - for legally secure cancellation without any follow-up costs. In addition, our experienced customer support is available to our users at any time before, during and after the termination with advice and action.
Aboalarm GmbH | Dr. B. Storm van´s Gravesande
How is Micropayment supporting you in your daily business?
Aboalarm GmbH | Dr. B. Storm van´s Gravesande
Micropayment processes direct debit and mobile phone payments for us and has proven to be very reliable - no matter how high the transaction volume is. In addition, it offers extensive reporting options that make the evaluation much easier.
Aboalarm GmbH | Dr. B. Storm van´s Gravesande

Aboalarm GmbH uses the following Micropayment payment methods

  • Micropayment - SEPA Debit

    SEPA Debit

    • professional mandate management
    • available in 34 countries
    • 70 million reachable customers in Germany
    learn more
  • Micropayment - Mobile Pay / SMS

    Mobile Pay / SMS

    • amounts up to 29,99 EUR
    • 113 Mio. mobile phone contracts in Germany alone
    • fast and conversion-strong TAN-procedure
    learn more
15,000 merchants already use Micropayment payment systems!

15,000 merchants already use Micropayment payment systems!

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